About us

Albert Turquier


Albert has extensive experience in marketing and research covering both quantitative and qualitative studies. He co-founded IFEM Research France in 1979 and has seen the company grow to be one of the leading fieldwork agencies in France. Albert is an expert in IT and B to B research, has published several research results, and has given college courses in marketing tools and methods.

Valerie Chantel

Research Director and Consumer Department Manager

Valerie joined IFEM in 1991 just after her graduation from one of the top french colleges in Paris. Valerie manages several of the company’s leading accounts and specializes in product testing, brand evaluation, and advertising research in consumer market sectors.

Carine Guibout

Senior Market Researcher

Carine Guibout is a professional market researcher, specialized mostly in qualitative studies, responsible for the project management and coordination in the following fields of activity: health, cosmetics, food and beverages, music, automotive, photo and video.

Cristina Ribeiro

Data Processing Manager

Cristina has worked with IFEM Research France since 1992 as a fresh graduate from the University of Paris VII. Cristina is responsible for the company’s CATI programming as well as its telecom and internet services.

Olivier Avon

Project Manager

Olivier has worked with IFEM Research France since 2005 and is a graduate from CERAM Sophia-Antipolis. Olivier is responsible for the company’s Telecom/IT/Media and automotive projects and managed several large car Clinics and usability tests.
He is also experienced in all aspects of data management.

Delphine Moret

Customer Relations Officer

Delphine has a degree in commercial management from IFV (French Chamber of Commerce) and a separate sales qualification (two year course). She has been working for IFEM since 2005, and has taken part in the organization of many research projects, including the preparation of qualitative B to B research, which has helped her develop contact with a range of professional counterparts.

Akiko Gharbi

Customer Relations Officer

Having completed her studies in business communication at CELSA, Akiko embarked on a national career as press photographer. She joined the team at IFEM in 2008 as a project coordinator and head of research.