Business to Business Services

IFEM Research France has a team of experienced interviewers backed up by our in-house unit of telephone recruiters that ensures the correct respondents are recruited.IFEM Research France’s researchers are experienced in the following B2B methodologies:

  • Professional focus groups (IT managers, business executives …)
  • Executive and Professional Depth-Interviews
  • B2B On-Site Team Inteviews
  • Telephone / Online Focus Groups
  • Desk Research
  • Semi-Structured Interviews


IFEM Research France’s experienced interviewers are able to recruit respondents for all types of studies. Following are a few examples of type of respondents we have recruited over the years.

  • Automobile dealership managers and personnel
  • Business owners / executives
  • Car and truck owners
  • Motorcycle owners
  • Internet users for website usability testing
  • Physicians and health care professionals
  • CIO / Heads of IT