Qualitative Services

IFEM Research France is experienced in a wide range of qualitative methodologies and projective techniques, including the folllowing:

  • In-person focus groups
  • Online focus groups
  • Mini-groups, triads and dyads
  • In-depth, paired depth, and friendship paired depth interviews
  • In-store observation
  • In-home visits
  • Creative concept labs
  • Car clinic tests
  • Customer testimonials
  • Pre-testing for quantitative studies
  • Hybrid studies, combining qualitative and quantitative protocols
  • Observational / ethnographic profiling

Focus Groups

All our focus groups are carried out in facilities belonging to partner studios offering the best quality of accomodation and service in the major French cities.

Each focus facility offers viewing rooms complete with full amenities, one-way mirrors, state-of-the-art videotaping and audio taping equipment, kitchen facilities and video conferencing capabilities.

  • professional recruiting staff
  • Experienced moderators
  • Bilingual moderators
  • High-quality analytical reports
  • Focus vision international link
  • State-of-the-art focus group studios rented in center Paris

In Depth

All in-depth interviews are carried out by our own researchers or from our in-house telephone unit to anywhere in France.

Depth interviews are used where there is a need for no contamination of respondents or where the subject is highly sensitive.

Our interviewers are experienced in the laddering technique for qualitative interviewing.

Qualitative Moderation Techniques

Our professional moderators are experienced in the usage of a wide range of group moderation techniques, including the following:

  • Collage
  • Mind mapping
  • Perceptual mapping
  • Psycho drawings
  • Music metaphor

In-House Recruitment Team

  • Multi-lingual moderators to cover all major sectors; bios available
  • Full reports, executive summaries and moderator debriefs
  • Screener design and translation
  • Simultaneous translation, transcripts, and note-taking
  • Test kitchens
  • Video-conferencing and video-streaming in conjunction with Focus Vision, Inc