About us

Albert Turquier


Albert has extensive experience in marketing and research covering both quantitative and qualitative studies. He co-founded IFEM Research France in 1979. Albert is an expert in IT and B to B research, has published several research results, and has given college courses in marketing tools and methods.

Valerie Chantel-Novi

Quantitative Research Director

Valerie joined IFEM in 1991. She is responsible for the project management and coordination of quantitative research at IFEM.

Carine Guibout

Qualitative Research Director

At IFEM since 2005, Carine Guibout is responsible for the project management and coordination of qualitative research at IFEM. Carine specialises in health, cosmetics, food and beverages, automotive, media.

Cristina Ribeiro

Project Manager

Cristina has worked with IFEM since 1992. She is responsible for the project management and coordination of CAPI CATI and Online surveys. Cristina specialises in mass consumption surveys.

Claire Simon

Senior Researcher

Claire Simon, a Leeds University graduate, joined IFEM in 2000. Specialized in qualitative research, Claire is our main report writer. A British national, she’s a bachelor of arts in Russian from University of Leeds, and holds a masters degree in Chinese from INALCO (Paris).

Sylvie Kreitmann

Senior Researcher

Sylvie joined IFEM in 2016. She has a wide reaching experience of moderation techniques, ethnography, creative research in the B to C and B to B sectors, in France and abroad. Sylvie specialises in the luxury, mass consumption and retail sectors.

Donatien Laeuffer


Since 2012, Donatien, a philosophy and law graduate (Université Paris Pantheon Sorbonne) specialises in research principally aimed at a young and sporty audience : Running and Sportswear brands, NICT, culture and lifestyle.

Akiko Gharbi

Fieldwork coordinator

Having completed her studies in business communication at CELSA, Akiko embarked on a national career as press photographer. She joined the team at IFEM in 2008 as a member of our research team.